University of Leicester Football and Sports Campus

The Leicester Football Academy Football Camp offers a comprehensive summer programme held at the University of Leicester, UK. The camp runs for 2 to 4 weeks, from 1 July to 27 August. It is designed for 11-17 year olds and combines football training with English language lessons and a variety of recreational activities.

General information

  • Campus Name: University of Leicester Football and Sport Campus
  • Location: Leicester, UK
  • Age group: 18-25 years (undergraduates)
  • Duration: Semester and year-long programmes
  • Languages: English


  1. To develop technical and tactical skills in football.
  2. To encourage teamwork.
  3. Promote a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • Technical and tactical training
  • Matches and competitions
  • Theoretical classes on tactics and rules of the game


  • Natural and artificial turf football pitches
  • Gymnasium and conditioning areas
  • Athletics tracks


  • FA certified coaches
  • Medical staff
  • University lecturers specialising in sports science


  • Included in university tuition or additional fees depending on programme

Enrolment Requirements

  • Be a student at the University of Leicester
  • Complete registration form
  • Medical certificate

Location and Accommodation

The University of Leicester, where the programme takes place, is located 100 miles north of London. All aspects of the camp, including accommodation, football training and English classes, take place on the university campus. This facilitates logistics and allows participants to focus entirely on their development.

Focus on Football and Languages

Football training is intensive, with a total of 12 hours per week divided into small groups according to the age of the participants. The aim is to improve both the technical and tactical skills of the young players. In parallel, 12 hours of English classes are offered per week, also in small groups and according to the level of proficiency in the language. The focus is on improving fluency and confidence in English, which is complemented by the fact that all activities and communications within the camp are conducted in English.

Recreational Activities and Excursions

The camp not only focuses on football and language learning, but also offers a variety of recreational activities for the entertainment of the participants. These include movie nights, discos, mini-Olympics, quizzes and board games. In addition, young people have the option of using the campus sports facilities to play other sports such as tennis, cricket, basketball and volleyball in their free time.

A special feature of the programme is a full-day excursion each week to nearby cities of cultural and historical interest, such as London or Oxford. This offers young people the opportunity to learn more about the UK while enjoying a fun and educational experience.

The camp

This programme organised by the university is aimed at 11-17 year olds.

For two weeks in July and August they will receive the best football, rugby and tennis coaching and English language classes.

This school offers multiple activities in English. Every afternoon they have a different kind of fun.
In terms of training, students will receive classes so that they can specialise and be part of a programme designed to improve all aspects of their skills.

The groups are made up of a small number of students and the training is given by qualified professionals. The three sports that can be practised are: – Football: individual and group skills are developed. Dribbling, feints, passing, ball control, defence and attack tactics, heading, penalties, etc.
– Tennis: physical and mental preparation for getting through a match. Techniques for backhand and forehand strokes, serving, ball rotation, use of the racket. Singles and doubles matches.
– Rugby: physical training to develop power and speed, as well as kicking, line out, scrum skills, etc.

The Leicester campus can be reached from four main airports in England: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton.

Students are supervised by a highly experienced team of teachers and youth leaders who work under the rules of the Centre’s general manager.

Participants are accommodated in private rooms on the university campus, with shared bathrooms (showers and toilets) on each floor. Accommodation is modern, of high quality and with all services and amenities included.

Full board is provided. All meals are served in the hotel’s self-service restaurant and include: 1 continental breakfast each morning and two hot meals per day (lunch and dinner). In addition, there are two snacks per day and packed lunches on full days of excursions. A full English breakfast is served once a week.

The typical programme is:
Day 1: Arrival at Leicester University
Day 2: three hours of English instruction in the morning, afternoon training session with experienced teachers
Day 3: three hours of English tuition in the morning. In the afternoon, visit to the Museum of Science and Technology.
Day 4: Morning English class and afternoon formal football, tennis or rugby training.
Day 5: Excursion to the city of Oxford (full day)
Day 6: Three hours of language in the morning. Afternoon training.
Day 7: Morning free for rest, afternoon training.
Day 8: English lessons (three hours) and sports academy in the afternoon.
Day 9: English in the morning and training in the afternoon.
Day 10: language tuition in the morning and in the afternoon sport techniques in the chosen sport.
Day 11: full day excursion to the city of London.
Day 12: three hours of language tuition in the morning. Afternoon training.
Day 13: English language in the morning, packing in the afternoon
Day 14: Return home.

Note: For accurate and up-to-date information, please consult the official website or contact the campus organisation.


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