The Real Madrid Campus Experience Campus

Ideal for making the most of children’s free time

This is the Campus Experience, organised for some years now by the Real Madrid Foundation, one of the most important football teams in Spain.

It trains children and young people of both sexes between the ages of 7 and 17, who spend a week learning about and identifying with the Merengue club.

Parents can choose between three different options to send their children to the Real Madrid Campus Experience: during Christmas, at Easter or during the summer holidays in the middle of the year.

General Information

  • Name of Camp: Real Madrid Campus Experience
  • Location: Ciudad Real Madrid, Valdebebas, Madrid, Spain
  • Age of Participants: 7-17 years old
  • Duration: 1 to 4 weeks
  • Languages: Spanish, English


  1. To develop technical and tactical skills in football.
  2. Encourage teamwork and sportsmanship.
  3. To instil values such as respect, humility and effort.
  4. To offer a unique and unforgettable experience with the Real Madrid stamp.


  • Technical and tactical football training.
  • Friendly matches and competitions.
  • Video analysis sessions.
  • Talks and workshops on nutrition, sports psychology and game tactics.


  • Natural and artificial turf football pitches
  • Gymnasium and fitness centre
  • Swimming pool for recovery
  • Video analysis rooms
  • On-site accommodation and dining facilities


  • Coaches certified by the Spanish Football Federation
  • Medical staff and physiotherapists
  • Support staff for activities and logistics

Registration requirements

  • Completed registration form
  • Medical certificate
  • Parental authorisation for minors
  • Payment of the registration fee

The idea of this Campus is that the students take advantage of their free time to attend and practice the sport they like so much, mainly football, but also basketball, tennis, golf or sailing.

In addition, during this period, the boys and girls will have formal and academic teaching with contents that include all educational areas, from geography to language, literature and history.

This is because one of the objectives of the Campus Experience is to train those who participate in it in a comprehensive manner.

On the other hand, all the values that Real Madrid instils are taught and put into practice, including: solidarity, respect for others, companionship, leadership and effort.

The pre-registration form is very simple and can be completed on the official Campus website, where details such as name and surname, age, sex, nationality, date of birth, clothing size, height, weight, allergies, medical problems will be requested.

Information is also requested regarding whether they are federated or not, if they attend Real Madrid sports schools, if they are a member, if they have already participated in another edition of the Campus and what school year they are in.

All this information is used to pre-select candidates, as vacancies are limited and certain characteristics are required to be chosen.

As there are three options in the calendar, a child can re-register for the following editions, and if he/she is still not selected, there are all means of communication to be duly informed of the decision (email, telephone, in person at the headquarters, etc.).

Children of any nationality can register, as well as choose between the three campuses available. The first is located in the Spanish capital, Madrid, in the vicinity of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the second is in the town of Santander and the third is international, as it is located in the North American city of Los Angeles.

In any of the three centres the treatment will be personalised, with the best teachers, both in the sporting and cultural aspects, the facilities are first class, ideal for children, with recreation rooms, changing rooms, outdoor and indoor sports practice, depending on the weather, rooms with all the comforts, dining room, etc.

The children are divided by age and sex in the sports activities and accommodation, and by age in the cultural and educational activities. They all share the dining room and common areas such as the cinema.

Note: If you would like more information about the Real Madrid Campus Experience camp, we recommend that you visit the website of an authorised agency such as Ertheo or contact the organisers directly.


and last time updated 1 de September de 2023