The different FC Barcelona Campuses

General Information

  • Name of the Camp: Barça Escola Soccer Camp
  • Location: Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, Barcelona, Spain
  • Ages: 6-18 years old
  • Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan


  1. Improve technical and tactical skills in football.
  2. Encourage teamwork and sportsmanship.
  3. To instil values such as respect, discipline and effort.
  4. To offer a training experience under the FC Barcelona playing philosophy.


  • Technical and tactical football training
  • Matches and competitions
  • Video analysis sessions
  • Educational talks on nutrition, sports psychology and game tactics


  • Natural and artificial turf football pitches
  • Gymnasium and fitness areas
  • Swimming pool for physical recovery
  • Video analysis rooms


  • Coaches certified by the Spanish Football Federation
  • Medical staff and physiotherapists
  • Support staff for coordination and logistics


  • Standard: From €1,200 per week (includes accommodation and meals)
  • Premium: From €1,800 per week (includes extras such as training kits and visits to Camp Nou)

Registration Requirements

  • Completed registration form
  • Medical certificate
  • Parental authorisation for minors
  • Payment of registration fee

F.C. Barcelona Football Academy in Arizona

The F.C. Barcelona International Academy is located in Arizona, USA. It is the only official academy of the club in North America apart from La Masia in Barcelona.

USSDA Competition

The team competes in the USSDA, the most prestigious youth football development league in the United States, which includes the top 70 clubs in the country.

Philosophy and Values

The academy follows the values and philosophy of F.C. Barcelona, including respect, humility, effort and teamwork. Coaches are trained in the same techniques used in Barcelona.


Facilities include natural and artificial turf football pitches, gymnasiums and video analysis rooms.

Integral Development

In addition to football training, the academy offers personal and academic development, preparing young people for a future on and off the pitch.


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Values of the club

Futbol Club Barcelona, better known as F.C. Barcelona or simply Barça, is a club that goes beyond sport, representing a series of values that form part of its identity and philosophy.

These values are reflected both on and off the field of play and are the basis of the training at its youth academy and football school, the Barça Escola.


Respect is one of the fundamental pillars of the club, both in the relationship between players and in the interaction with opponents, referees and fans. A culture of mutual respect is fostered, where each individual is valued for their skills and contributions, regardless of their origin or status.


Humility is another outstanding value, as the club understands that success is the result of teamwork and collective effort. Although Barça has achieved extraordinary levels of success, it maintains an attitude of humility in its approach to the game and the competition.


Effort is valued in both winning and losing moments. Players are encouraged to give their best at all times, regardless of the final result. This value also extends to the fans and the wider community, promoting a culture of hard work and dedication.


The concept of “Més que un club” (More than a club) also manifests itself in the importance Barça places on teamwork. The club prides itself on its collaborative style of play, where each member of the team plays a crucial role in the collective success.

Innovation and Creativity

Finally, F.C. Barcelona also values innovation and creativity, both in playing tactics and in the management of the club. This is seen in its tactical approach, which often challenges traditional football conventions, and in its use of technology and data to improve performance.

These values not only make F.C. Barcelona one of the most successful football clubs in the world, but also make it an institution that has a significant impact beyond the sport.

Location of Barca campuses and academies

In recent years, the variety of venues and destinations where Barça offers its courses has grown significantly. They now have campuses all over the world.

You can consult the location of all the campuses on the official Barça Academy map

Academy locations

  • Barça Academy Àsia-Pacific
    • Barça Academy New Delhi
    • Barça Academy Mumbai
    • Barça Academy Pune
    • Barça Academy Bangalore
    • Barça Academy Singapore
    • Barça Academy Yokohama
    • Barça Academy Fukuoka
    • Barça Academy Katsushika
    • Barça Academy Nara
    • Barça Academy Hiroshima
  • Barça Academy Pro
    • Barça Academy Pro New York
    • Barça Academy Pro Brazil
    • Barça Academy Pro Miami
  • Barça Residency Academy
  • Barça Academy Europe, Middle East and Africa
    • Barça Academy Istanbul
    • Barça Academy Dubai
    • Barça School
    • Barça Academy Budapest
    • Barça Academy Jordan
    • Barça Academy Riyadh
  • Barça Academy – America
    • Barça Academy Carolinas
    • Barça Academy Columbus
    • Barça Academy Chicago
    • Barça Academy Austin
    • Barça Academy Orlando
    • Barça Academy Dominican Republic
    • Barça Academy Mexico City
  • Barça Camps Europe, Middle East and Africa
    • Glattbrugg, SWI
    • Zagreb, HR
    • Reykjavik, ISL
    • Montespertoli, IT
    • Garda, IT
    • Bressanone, IT
    • Vernier-Geneve, SWI
    • Taverne-Lugano, SWI
    • Marbella, ESP
    • Saint Prex, SWI
    • Liestal, SWI
    • Lyon, FR
    • Klaipėda, LT
    • Saviese, SWI
    • Marseille-Rognac, FR
    • Vienna, AUS
    • Olbia-Monti, IT
    • Romagna, IT
    • Strasbourg-Brumath, FR
    • Paris-Lieusaint, FR
    • Le Bouscat-Bordeaux, FR
    • Carquefou-Nantes, FR
    • Charleroi, BE
    • Novi Sad, SRB
    • Viken, SWE
    • Granada, ESP
    • Oslo, NOR
    • Helsinki, FIN
    • Espoo, FIN
    • Wiesbaden, GER
    • Baden Baden, GER
    • Romagna (girls), IT
    • Garda (girls), IT
    • Vernier-Geneve (girls), SUI
    • Carquefou-Nantes (girls), FR
    • Charleroi (girls), BE
    • Vilnius, LT
    • Espoo (basketball), FIN
    • Maribor, SL
    • Lanzarote, ESP
    • Bettembourg, LUX
  • Barça Camps Àsia i Pacífic
    • Singapore
    • Adelaide, AUS
    • Melbourne, AUS
    • Sydney, AUS
    • Nara, JPN
    • Yokohama, JPN
    • Saitama, JPN
    • Aichi, JPN
    • Niigata, JPN
    • Sapporo, JPN
    • Shizuoka, JPN
    • Chiba, JPN
    • Saitama, JPN (girls camp)
    • Gunma, JPN
    • Fukuoka, JPN
    • Tochigi, JPN
    • Kawasaki, JPN
    • Hyogo, JPN
    • Miyagi, JPN
    • Kagawa, JPN
    • Brisbane, AUS
    • Darwin -1, AUS
    • Darwin -2, AUS
  • Barça Camps USA and Canada
    • Lafayette, LA
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • Orlando, FL
    • Columbus, OH
    • Austin, TX
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Chicago, IL
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Nashville, TN
    • Raleigh, NC
    • Cincinnati, OH
    • Houston, TX
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Washington, DC
    • Detroit, MI
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Louisville, KY
    • Denver, CO
    • Portland, OR
    • Boston, MA
    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Seattle, WA
    • Milwaukee, WI
    • Minneapolis, MN
    • Orange County, CA
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Richmond, VA
    • Palo Alto, CA
    • Casa Grande, AZ
    • Miami (Kendall), FL
    • Miami Gardens, FL
    • Miami (Broward), FL
    • Dallas, TX
  • Barça Camps Centre and South America
    • Querétaro, MX
    • Guadalajara, MX
    • CDMX North, MX
    • Cabo San Lucas, MX
    • Veracruz, MX
    • Saltillo, MX
    • Morelia, MX
    • CDMX South, MX
    • Quito, EC
    • Monterrey, MEX
    • Asuncion, PY
    • San Juan, PR
    • Alajuela, CRI

Depending on the location, there are more or less groups of children, which are made up of 10 or 15 depending on age and gender, and are divided into initiation, pre-training, training and pre-competitive.

Every year, thousands of children sign up for the Barcelona Campuses to learn football techniques and tactics, as well as values for their training.

The activities take place during the summer months, during the school break in June and July. There they train all day in two shifts (morning and afternoon) and in some cases they sleep at the Campus. In the case of the academies, the training sessions are longer and they train more days per week. Normally in the academies, the children sleep in the facilities provided.

The activities start at 9am until 7pm. A typical day consists of: an early morning training session, swimming pool or leisure activities until noon, lunch, afternoon training session, plus complementary activities until departure or rest time.

All participants in the different camps receive a Barcelona club backpack, two training shirts, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of socks and a cotton walking t-shirt.

These camps are ideal for boys and girls to learn the values of football along with the techniques and tactics that make Barcelona different from other clubs. They are taught to share, to have fun, to learn by playing and to improve every day.

During one week, they are in contact with children of the same age from other Spanish cities and with a group of teachers who make their stay very profitable.

Note: The information in this sheet is for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the actual details of the Barça Escola camp. For accurate and up-to-date information, please consult the official website or contact the camp organisers.


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